Finding consensus on the value of intellectual property shouldn't have to be a lose-lose proposition.

Win-win is within reach.

It's a simple premise: innovators deserve fair compensation for their contributions and implementers want to pay a fair value for what they receive.

IP Diplomacy believes that whether acquiring software as a service (SaaS), licensing patents, entering into a joint venture, or valuing the intellectual property assets of an entire organization, the interests of both the IP owner and the acquirer can be addressed fairly, through reasonable dialogue and rigorous technical discussion. IP Diplomacy accomplishes this through thorough discussion with clients to understand not just their technical requirements or the heart of their invention, but also their true business goals. We have worked in-house at major corporations and represented clients at all points in the supply and innovation chains, and know that while sometimes maximizing financial return may be the priority, other factors such as being a trusted business partner with the opposing party, being the first to market, or simply closing the deal in a timely manner may be more import in any given transaction. We also know that those goals can change from transaction to transaction, engagement to engagement, and party to party.